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The average estate agency fee is £3,500 – often considerably more. You have to ask yourself, “Where is all of that money going?” Our experience tells us that you are paying for the office space – for the electricity – the heating – the large teams of agents that sit in those offices cold-calling prospects – for their car expenses when they do viewings – for marketing in newspapers that is now outdated in a digital world. How do we know? We used to run a chain of High Street agencies before coming to our senses and realising giving our sellers a low price would start with us cutting away everything that was unnecessary.

Times have moved on and prices have been driven down by the vast majority of buyers going direct to property portals (Rightmove) and ‘online’ agencies (Move & Save) and not into the branches – but the fees have not been driven down in line with this. They have stayed just as high as they were when you were having expensive newspaper and leafleting campaigns as part of your home seller package. These days, the vast majority of agents will put you on the property portals and wait for buyers to come to them. Believe us when we say this costs nowhere near £3,500 per property! The fees we charge are a fair reflection upon the comprehensive work we carry out.

Simply call us on 0333 123 1242 and one of our friendly agents will discuss the sale with you. We’ll book in your free valuation, and we can take all the information we need on that day to list your property (photographs, room descriptions, measurements, market value, etc.). Your property will then be live within 48 hours.

Again, we’re very happy to market the property for you – you will get a fresh set of photographs and written description throughout your property, and you will save thousands of pounds by using our no commission service. Just make sure you double check the contract you have signed with your existing agency. If it states that you are in a sole agency, check when this period expires. Whether your contract has expired or not, we can market your property instead of (or as well as) the other agent. If you have any concerns, please call us and speak to one of our experienced agents.

0%. We do not charge a commission when we sell your property. We work on a small up-front fee and nothing additional. No hidden costs, and definitely no post-sale fees to worry about.

Yes, we have been approved to sell property by The Property Ombudsman Scheme.

This is a question your existing agent should be held accountable for. But if we were to give our own expert opinion, we would say that whilst not always the main issue, price is a massive factor when marketing a property. If you are selling for £20,000 more than a similar property down the road, then potential viewers will try to figure out why. If there is no clear reason, they will likely abandon coming to view, and think of your property as overpriced (even if it isn’t).

Local property data is essential to consider when pricing a property. Understanding the area, the location, the type of property on sale, the benefits of living in the area, can all help when successfully valuing a property for sale. It isn’t unheard of for an agent to OVERPRICE a property when they take it on! Why would they do this?

Let us put it this way – if Agent A came round and told you your property would achieve £210,000, and Agent B said you would easily achieve at least £230,000, who would you go with?

Agent B would be looking very attractive. However, if your property then sits on the market for 4 months without any real interest, then there’s an issue. Agents have been known to use the trick of getting you to sign up for a high asking price, then calling you 3 or 4 weeks later saying it might be worth putting your property in a range… “Offers Between £210,000 — £230,000”. Also known as ‘driving the price down to where it should have been all along in order to successfully sell.

It is important when selecting an agent that you do so based on how they value their property – what data are they looking at? Are they taking into account the local area? Recently sold prices? What type of property is selling fast in that area? How many buyers are currently on their database looking for that particular type of property? A good agent will take all of this into account when marketing your property. A well-priced property, which fits in well with the market, will sell.

Other reasons why a property might not be selling can include poor follow-up on the agents behalf, not properly marketing the property, not selling the benefits of the property enough to prospective purchasers, not advising the vendor on how to give their property more ‘curb-appeal’ or how to make a strong first impression. Buying a house is a big deal – and it has to be right on so many levels (fortunately, we’re experts in the field and can help with all of this!)

Absolutely fine – just make sure the other agency will not charge you a dual-agency fee when we sell. Bear in mind that other estate agents will largely copy the exact marketing that we carry out for you, but charge you thousands of pounds more than we will. One good, experienced agent is enough to get a property sold.

Things change. Suddenly something might come up and you may not need to sell as planned, or your time frame might change. We’re extremely flexible with our marketing. You are buying a 12 month marketing service, and whether that’s 12 months of continuous marketing, or 3 months on, 3 months off, and 6 months back on again, it’s all fine. We work around your schedule.

We will arrange the viewings for you to carry out. Nobody can sell a property better than somebody who is very familiar with it. Viewers like to feel comfortable in looking around the property and asking questions about how the heating works, what council tax band you’re in, where the nearest shop is, etc. We then follow-up with the viewer and arrange a second viewing (if they’d like one), or discuss an offer, which we will negotiate on your behalf to get you the very best possible price.

Yes, your property will be uploaded to Rightmove – we can offer Premium listings too.


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