“The team at Move & Save have proved to more than 10,000 individual home sellers that their service doesn’t just successfully sell huge quantities of property, but does so effectively, quickly, and affordably.”

Over the past 11 years, we have sold property in physical High Street offices, and we have sold property purely online. We didn’t find huge swarms of buyers standing at our High Street window trying to search for their next home. We found them online, which is where we focused our time and attention. The amount of home sellers starting their search online continues to grow at a blistering speed (upwards of 90% now) in this highly digital world.

The more we were being charged to operate a High Street shop, the more we had to charge our customers in turn to sell their property. It is very hard to provide an exceptional service for a fair price when we were stuck in this position. That’s why High Street agents charge a fortune – they have to meet their overheads… then make their profit on top.

“We banished the unnecessary ‘commission’ way of doing business, and have never looked back since.”

Estate agencies have a rather bad reputation for charging the earth to sell property. With fees typically being £3,500, it is an eye-watering amount of money to take from a seller. But what can be done? The big move to online. Cut the expenses, pass the savings on, save sellers money.

We’ve been doing this for 11 years. We will never exchange a percentage of your property for our service. Been there, done that, didn’t like it. We wanted our packages to start at a price that everyone could afford. Regardless on the size or location (because to be honest, the sales process largely stays the same regardless).

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